Our mission at T Villager Designs is to help our clients express and emulate the emotions of their events through distinctive floral arrangements. Our clients’ goals are truly valued, because this is more than just a job for us; it’s our passion.


Jack Boone

Jack has lived in Nashville for over 36 years but he was born and raised on a small farm outside Maryville in East Tennessee. He grew up working with his mother and siblings on the family farm after school. To this day, Jack still cherishes this time spent outdoors, experiencing nature in action and savoring the sights, smells and textures of our earth.

Growing up, Jack’s mother and uncle were both avid gardeners, and they taught him a lot about the floral world. Jack felt a strong sense of accomplishment when he saw the flowers he had planted in the winter and spring burst out of the soil during the summer months.

This was Jack’s first point of contact with the floral world, and it was during this time that Jack’s love for flowers and nature took root in Jack’s heart. Today he continues growing and maintaining flower gardens with Troy at their home in East Nashville, as well as on their farm near Centerville, Tennessee which takes Jack back to his roots of growing up on a farm.


Troy Villager

Troy was born and raised in Nashville, near Radnor Lake. Growing up he spent much of his time with friends, playing in the woods surrounding his home. It was during these early years that his appreciation for organic nature and flowers first began to develop. Troy remembers fondly the early lessons from an elderly neighbor who taught him how to make floral arrangements, using flowers from her garden and from the surrounding woods. While he would eventually choose a career in real estate for fifteen years, these lessons in floral designs from his neighbor remained close to his heart.

Fast forward to the present and Troy not only is a creative floral designer, but also the two ­time winner of the International Holiday Christmas Tree Decorating Contest sponsored by the Holiday and Decorative Association. However, Troy has expanded far beyond just Christmas. His work includes a wide breadth of holidays and events, ranging from Halloween, to Mardi Gras, to fundraisers, and weddings and with every design he completes, Troy becomes more certain that he is doing exactly what he was meant to do.