Event Decorations and Flowers

Floral arrangements aren’t just for weddings and holidays! Flowers can add something special to any kind of event, larger or small. At T. Villager Designs we pride ourselves on being able to work with almost any client for any event. Whatever your needs, our designers would be happy to sit down with you to discuss how T. Villager Designs can help. Our team is resourceful, experienced, and creative. We have every confidence that their designs will, not only satisfy your needs, but push your event to the next level!


We provide floral arrangements for fundraisers. Our designers are accustomed to meeting the needs of large groups or boards of people to deliver stellar results. When we plan floral arrangements for fundraisers, our main concern is figuring out how our flowers will translate into dollars for your very special cause.

Corporate Events

We understand that corporate events can be complicated. There are company policies and nuances that must be observed. There are teams of managers and boards of directors, all with their own sets of preferences and priorities. When choosing somebody to handle the floral arrangements for a corporate event, you need somebody who is experienced in moderating the needs of many different parties, and able to work creatively within narrow parameters. These are areas where our designers excel, so why not schedule a meeting to discuss what we might do to assist you?


What better way to celebrate the love that you and your partner share then making this anniversary one to remember? If you are planning a grand romantic gesture, few things can add more to that gesture than thoughtful floral arrangements! We’d love to help you create something beautiful for your significant other... just make sure you know their favorite flower!


Birthdays are cause for celebration! So why not bring that celebration to the next level with custom floral arrangements tailored specially for the birthday boy or girl? Whether you’re throwing a party for yourself, or a loved one, we’d love to be involved and help make this a birthday to remember!


And The List Goes On...

Dinner parties! Baby showers! Going away parties! Welcome home parties! Only you decide which of the events in your life merit floral arrangements. Whatever your floral needs are, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to request a consultation!