Troy is more than a florist, he is an artist. His arrangements are tangible expressions of beauty that go right to the heart. I’ve worked with him for many years, and his ability to create fresh, interesting arrangements over a long period of time is astounding. I’ve never seen him repeat himself, as if he’s always working to make the next arrangement better than the last. He makes his deliveries personally, and is willing to create something beautiful and effective at the drop of a hat. Long live Troy Villager!
— Adam Wirdzek
Troy Villager did the flowers for the weddings of both my children. The results were beautiful, exceeding the bride’s, and more importantly, the bride’s mother’s expectations! Troy was attentive to the bride’s’ wishes and sensitive to our budget needs. Moving the gesture. We are most grateful for him making our vision for these important family events a reality. Now that the weddings are past, we are using Troy for other floral needs both personal and business. His creativity and talent has garnered praise from all recipients of the floral arrangements. Thank you, Troy!
— Nancy Coleman
Hidden among every leaf, stem, and petal is Troy’s heart, not only flowers and decor, but for beauty and people. At our wedding, we got to experience first hand the intersection of Troy’s knowledge, creativity, and love for us. His attentiveness to our desires, his eye for beauty, and his standards for design were beyond measure. You will instantly see Troy’s passion for his craft, as well as the people he is working with the moment you meet him. We highly recommend Troy and T Villager Designs, and look forward to working with them again in the future.
— Sally and Matt Rhea
Troy’s artistry and flair for design are second to none. I am always thrilled with his work and consider him the best in the field. His designs explode with life and color but never cross the line into too much.
— Mary Prince
Troy Villager’s designs are... creative, beautiful, inventive, sexy, original, and magical.

Troy Villager’s designs are one of a kind, and, when given as a gift, the receiver is in awe. When given in sorrow, the receiver is blessed with remembrance. When given just to give, the receiver is overjoyed. T Villager Designs is an unforgettable floral experience.
— Kathy Ross
When T Villager Designs decorate or provide flowers for you, your party becomes an event!! Brunch, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a special time (dinner party for our 40th wedding anniversary), the arrangements are thoughtful and creative. Everyone comments on and enjoys the artistic designs. T Villager Designs sets a new level of floral and design services.
— Peggy Raney
There is a difference between floral arrangement and floral artwork. If you’re at an event, chances are you will not remember flower arrangements. But when flowers are used as an art medium, you’ll notice and remember. This is what Troy Villager brings to event planning: memorable floral designs that enhance event themes and create ambiance. Troy is a gifted artist whose repertoire includes not only beautiful flowers, but holiday décor that can stop the show! Now why would anyone settle for ordinary when original artwork is available?
— Laura Zimmerman
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